We are pleased to announce the 8th annual International Floorball Tournament “Riga Floorball Cup” on 13-15 August, 2020. The International Floorball Tournament “Riga Floorball Cup” is held in order to gather floorball players from all over the world and to establish the best teams and players in all groups.

The Floorball tournament is organized by Union „Sportot” in collaboration with Society „ Latvian Floorball Union” according to the rules of the „Sport’s Law” from 24 October 2002. “Riga Floorball Cup” is managed by the chief referee of the tournament who is also responsible for the course of the tournament. The issues about the violations of the tournament regulations and application of the disciplinary measures are decided by the Jury of the tournament.


Floorball tournament takes place from 13 August till 15 August 2020, at the International Exhibition centre Ķīpsala, Ķīpsalas street 8, according to the gaming calendar drawn up by the chief referee. The organizers have the rights to lead the games also in other halls.


  • Before starting the Floorball tournament the organizers inform about the playing procedure.
  • The application should be submitted for each match to the secretary of the match not later than 15 minutes before the start of the match by completing the relevant section of the minutes of the match.
  • Each of the Floorball tournament teams must be registered with their domestic Floorball Federations.
  • For the matches the reduced floorball game regulations of the International Floorball Federation (IFF) are applied.
  • The match is organized for 6 against 6 (5 field players and a goalkeeper). To start the match, at least 5 players of the team (5 field players and a goalkeeper) should be on the rink.
  • The duration of the match for Men, Female, Boys B-14  and B-12  groups are 2 x 15 minutes (non-effective time) with a 3-minute break between periods.
  • The duration of the FINAL match for all age groups is 2 x 20 minutes (net time) with 3-minute break between the periods. During the last 3 minutes of the last period of the FINAL match the “net time” is stated.
  • The match duration time is stopped only when goals are scored, a penalty stated, half a minute breaks as well as special occasions (the rink referee decides to formulate a case as special).
  • The matches take place according to the provisions specified in the “TIME AND LOCATION” part of these Regulations, depending on the number of teams applied, at the beginning of the tournament according to circle system, afterwards according to the play-off system.
  • If the play-off matches or matches for a position end with an even result, the winner of the match is decided by the penalty shots.
  • For winning the match the team gets 2 points, for a drawn – 1 point, for a loss – 0 points. For absence from the match the team takes the loss with the score of 0:5.
  • In case of equal number of points the team occupying higher position within the group matches (preliminary matches) is stated:
    • by the internal matches of the teams concerned;
    • by the best proportion of goals gained and lost during all the matches of the tournament;
    • by the most number of goals gained during all the matches of the tournament;
    • by the least sum of penalty time during all the matches of the tournament;
    • by raffle.


The winners of the first rank for each group are awarded with cups and medals, but the other players and representatives with the medals. The top scorers the best players of the tournament will be awarded with commemorative souvenirs.


By attending and/or by participating in the Riga Floorball Cup tournament you do not oppose your filming, photography and the publication of materials in the tournament media. Read more: http://rigafloorballcup.lv/privacy-policy/

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