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Referees from Ukrain

LATEST NEWS! 2 couples of very experienced referees from Ukrain also will  be here @UnihocRigaCup2017! We are pleased to introduce: – VOLODAR ILYK and ARTEM ZOLOTAR – DANIL ABELIASHEV and IGOR IVANCHENKO (below) They took part in many tourna

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Early bird registration is over!  We are proud that teams from all over the world have used this opportunity! HOWEVER REGULAR REGISTRATION IS GOING IN FULL SWING! THE STANDARD REGISTRATION CONTINUES until 23:59 GMT on 15 July 2017 – In adult group 175,

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Referees from Sweden

GREAT NEWS! Referees  from Sweden will  be here @UnihocRigaCup2017! We are pleased to introduce Erik Christiansen & Ronnie Eriksson. ARE U ALREADY IN? Registration is going in full swing! Don’t miss out! SEE YOU AT UNIHOC RIGA CUP 2017!

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WELCOME TO UNIHOC RIGA CUP 2017! We are pleased to announce the 5th annual International Floorball Tournament “Unihoc Riga Cup” on 18 – 20 August, 2017. The International Floorball Tournament “Unihoc Riga Cup” is held in order to gather floo

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RIGA – WORLD CAPITAL OF FLOORBALL! The 11th Men´s WORLD FLOORBALL CHAMPIONSHIP will be held in Riga in December 2016. Over 30 teams took part in the qualification round. All the results are now clear and we have the top 16 that will compete in the WFC

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Latvia national team wins USA – 14:1

Very convincing start! On Friday in the friendly game for the first time ever met Latvia national floorball team and team USA. Latvia won the game 14:1 (5:0; 4:0 5:1). Team Latvia has started very good and after 81 second played is leading 2:0 against USA

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