Latvia national team wins USA – 14:1

Very convincing start!

On Friday in the friendly game for the first time ever met Latvia national floorball team and team USA. Latvia won the game 14:1 (5:0; 4:0 5:1).

Team Latvia has started very good and after 81 second played is leading 2:0 against USA. Goals scored by Kaspars Skels and Edijs Hammers. Time 11:28 and Ivo Balodis scores 3rd goal for team Latvia. After 1st period Latvia is leading against USA 5:0. 2 assists by #21 Gints Klegeris. Shots on goal 10:3. Despite more aggressive game and chance to play 5 against 3 team USA is still in the search for their 1st goal. Latvia is leading 9:0 (5:0; 4:0) after 2nd period. Finally the 1st goal for team USA in the 3rd period 14:26. The final score – 14:1.

The best player of the game in team USA was named player no. 79 Miko Vaha-Vahe.
He said that the team had a pretty bad start and let in a few goals in the first 3 shifts. That was disappointing shocked a bit. It tok a moment to get back to the game. The team have a couple of guys who have not had fast games and the season has not started. After the 1st period the team woke up.
Tomorrow its going to be a rough day. USA have many games but the team are going to have some fun. The goal here in Unihoc Riga Cup is to get prepared for the World Cup in Latvia.
Asked about team Latvia he mentioned that the team has a couple of new guys. They were hoping to see Andis Blinds playing because he is their favorite player from team Latvia. But overall it was pretty much what he expected. Quite tall guys and pretty physical.
On Saturday USA will be playing 3 games against Lomma FBC from Sweden, RTU/Rockets and FK Bauska from Latvia in the preliminary round and play-off game.




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