One more reason to participate in the International Floorball Tournament in Riga!

The International Floorball Tournament “Unihoc Riga Cup 2016” in Riga will be held during Riga City Festival 2016!

The Riga City Festival is the main annual event in Riga. Riga City Festival arrives like a long-awaited birthday present. Three days, the city is filled with festive atmosphere, live music, and plenty of surprises. The multi-colored Riga summer season’s closing festival is cause for elation, in turn offering knowledge and sense of the city’s history nowadays.

More information:

http://www.liveriga.com/en/7790-riga-city-festival-2015 134331014811 134331019842 Depositphotos_7811265_m letuM1DgMTQBHzB_pilsetas_lv Livu_diena_5 riga_fest rsv_foto_r_korisvermanes


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