Next weekend will start the 3rd annual International Floorball Tournament “Unihoc Riga Cup 2015”!

Do You know how many teams have participated in the URC 2014?  43!

Do you  know how many countries were they representing? 6 – Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Switzerland and Georgia.

This year in URC 2015 will participate 48 teams from 10 different countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Great Britain, Poland, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia.

The organizers of the International Floorball Tournament have announced the groups’ distribution:

A Group  (MEN ELITE)

EMU SK (Estonia)

Lekrings (Latvia)

Mogo-RTU/Rockets (Latvia)

Talsi/Triobet (Latvia)


B Group  (FEMALE)

L&L/Prisma (Latvia)

Lekrings (Latvia)

Rīgas Lauvas (Latvia)

UKS Grodek (Poland)


C Group (FEMALE)

Angry Pigs (Russia)

Ķekavas Bulldogs (Latvia)

UKFF Bromley (Great Britain)


D Group (Boys U-16)

Ķekavas Bulldogs (Latvia)

Rīgas Lauvas (Latvia)

RTU/Rockets (Latvia)

Rubene (Latvia)


E Group (Boys U-16)

FK Rīga (Latvia)

Lielvārde/Universelectric (Latvia)

Ogres vilki (Latvia)

UKS Grodek (Poland)


F Group (Boys U-14)

BT-1 (Latvia)

Ķekavas Bulldogs (Latvia)

Ogres vilki (Latvia)

Rīgas lauvas (Latvia)

RTU/Rockets (Latvia)


G Group (MEN) (Latvia)

Kuldīga (Latvia)

SK Fono (Latvia)

Vendetta (Belarus)


H Group (MEN)

AFK (Latvia)

FBC Bromley (Great Britain)

IBK Griffin (Latvia)

Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte (Latvia)


I Group (MEN)

Babīte (Latvia)

Einšteins (Latvia)

iAM Floorball (Latvia)

Oberageri Chillers (Switzerland)


J Group (MEN)

Honkers (Finland)

Rīgas Bigfoots (Latvia)

Rīgas Lauvas (Latvia)

UHU St.Gallen (Switzerland)


K Group (MEN)

FC Henhunters (Sweden)

Roja/Rauda Print (Latvia)

RTU/Rockets (Latvia)

SB Koktan Pojat (Finland)


L Group (MEN)

Brodd (Norway)

Fans Team (Latvia)

FK Jūrmala (Latvia)

Knulla floorball (Switzerland)

We are proud that  the Floorball teams from all over the world were active in registration for the Unihoc Riga Cup 2015 Floorball tournament! Every month the number of registered teams grew very quickly and it is excellent result!

Read more about registered teams:

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