We invite young players to participate in Unihoc Riga Cup 2015!

Boys – group B-16 (born 1999 and younger);

Boys – group B-14 (born 2001 and younger);

It is our aim to allow all interested teams  to take part in the Unihoc Riga Cup.

Lets see how many youth group teams were participating In Unihoc Riga Cup 2014! This year there will be much more!

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Registration is here: Also You may send application via e-mail Janis.Jansons@florbolam.lv995062_357605724387778_6029929479826689459_n 10325398_357605721054445_912043339119215683_n 10409133_359365060878511_2392233647875187792_n 10384843_357606444387706_7294446601633378033_n 10480948_359364810878536_3569225693791879491_n

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