Information about upcoming tournament

Information about upcoming tournament

In the middle of the August (Aug 14 – 16) the second international floorball tournament “Unihoc Riga cup” will be held in Riga, where more than 30 teams from 7 countries have approved their participation.

Last year there were 6 adult and 7 youth teams participating in the tournament, so comparing to the last summer, amount of participants has increased significantly, and besides that, this year there will be titles in 5 categories. Comparing to last year men’s teams will be divided into 2 divisions. Last years leading Latvian teams “Cēsu alus/Lekrings” and “RTU/Inspecta” will be competing in elite division for the titles. Their competitors will be “Bauska” and “Talsi/Triobet” for sure, as well as 1st Sweden division club “Akersberg IBK” and Switzerland team “Gruppe Frosch”where several players have their Swiss Premier League and 1st division experience.

In Mens division 3 teams have signed up for the tournament from lower leagues of Finland, as well as 3rd division of Switzerland and 2nd division of Norway. Georgia is participating as well, and still there is unanswered question about one other team from Switzerland and Russia as well. Swiss team “Knulla floorball” who won the 3rd place last year also signed up but some of the players got some injuries so substitute players still need to be find. St Petersburg team is dealing with some organizational issues so it will depend whether they will be able to attend the event in Latvia. Obviously several local teams will participate in the tournament, like players from “Pārdaugava” and “Ogres vilki” as well as Latvian veteran team “Alusvēders” and some others.

For the first time competition will be also between women, where 4 teams already have conformed their participation, including “Angry Pigs” from Russia, but 2 more teams still are in deciding process.

Representation of youth teams have increased as well. Last year U-14 was presented by 3 teams but U-16 by 4. This year the proportion is 4 and 6 comparing to last year. Unfortunately Finnish youth team “USB Terminator” won’t be able to attend the event despite they had very good feedback from last year’s tournament.

The tournament will be held in the International Exhibition Center in Ķīpsala and Olympic Sports Center.


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