Welcome to Unihoc Riga Cup!

Welcome to Unihoc Riga Cup!

Still playing floorball?

14th-16th August we are very pleased to welcome you to participate in the floorball tournament UNIHOC RIGA CUP 2014.

Main reasons why you should come to Riga in August this year –

–  Riga is European Capital of Culture 2014;

– 15th-17th August is a celebration of the city of Riga;

– This will be the second Unihoc Riga Cup and in Riga always-good floorball is played;

– Riga is the central and largest city in the Baltic States;

– It’s been a long time since your last visit to Riga;

– Riga is a city with great nightlife, good beer and our food traditions are paradise for gourmands.

– The popular U.S. newspaper “USA Today” readers voted for the most beautiful Europian city and that is Riga, according to the edition of the travel website

“10best.com ‘published information. (Http://www.10best.com/awards/travel/prettiest-european-city/)

Welcome all to the UNIHOC RIGA CUP 2014!

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